A Geriatric Jellyfish & India

In the run up to the 2024 general elections, the anti-India ecosystem is desperately trying to stop PM Modi from returning to power and consequently stop India’s progress. The new Modified India bothers the Pharma, Oil and Arms industries that have ensured that the world’s richest folks remain that way.

One of the richest amongst the richest is a geriatric Jellyfish named George Soros…. thank you Anand Ranganathan for coming up with this brilliant description for the monster !

India geriatric jellyfish

Please listen to this video where the geriatric Jellyfish is openly speaking against PM Modi and hoping for a “democratic revival”.. Who the heck is he to talk about democracy in India ????🤬

If anyone is wondering why this anti-India cabal hates the new Modified India, just listen to the following speech by Mr. Deepak Bagla, CEO of Invest India, at the 2023 Treasury Leadership Forum –

Some highlights of Mr. Deepak Bagla’s speech –

  1. Mr. Bagla stated that the changes in India were the most unprecedented transformation in human history of the free world, both in scale and pace of change.
  2. FDI story – From 1947 to 2022, we have received $950 billion in FDI, but #532 of that has come in the last 90 months !! Not just that, FDI has flowed into India from 162 countries and into 61 sectors, across 31 states and union territories, so no one is left behind.
  3. India’s GDP moved past Russia, Italy, Brazil, France and UK to become the 5th largest from number 10. By the end of 2023 we are expected to move past Germany and become the 4th largest. Like some jokers are wishing this away by saying its just natural growth due to population growth, think again… If economic growth was that simple, all countries would have focussed on reproduction rather than production 🙄
  4. 2/3rd of the GDP growth is fuelled by domestic demand ….. remember, if people didn’t have money they can’t “demand” goods or services.
  5. Digital India was launched in July 2015. India’s global ranking in per capita data consumption was 122 or 123. In Feb 2022 India became No. 1 in the world – consuming more per capita mobile data than the US and China put together. Just for the sake of the same jokers who commented on our economic growth .. data is not free and hence this is another measure of many more people having money to spend. Do read my earlier post related to this –India – The World Leader in Digital Payments.
  6. In 2021, 41% of the World’s real time transactions happened in India. 48 billion transactions in India Vs China’s 18 billion. These are transactions, not Whatsapp chatting. Do read – At 48 billion, India accounts for largest number of real-time transactions in the world .. 
  7. The Startup story is probably the best. PM Modi launched Startup India on Jan 16, 2016. On that date there were 452 startups registered in India. In 84 months, India is No. 3 in the world in number of unicorns, No. 2 in the world in number of startups and No. 1 in the world with new startups adding everyday. In 2021 India added a unicorn every 29 days, in 2022 India adds a unicorn every 9 days. Again dear jokers, unicorn means some product or service is being sold and many folks are buying by paying money. Unicorns are not the mythical characters as you remember from your time… get an update !
  8. India is the 2nd largest on the Net today. Every SECOND 3 new people are joining the net in India and 2 of them from a village.

I left out an important part of Mr. Bagla’s speech just for the geriatric Jellyfish’s wet dreams of “democratic revival” of India. Here it is –

2019 General Elections

  • 960 million registered voters
  • 600 million cast their franchise, of which 90 million were first time voters
  • 1 million polling booths
  • Re-polling in 217 polling booths only due to inclement weather

One of the most complex social exercise in the world was done flawlessly and that’s how Mr. Modi became our Prime Minister. Just contrast this with any other country that conducts elections …. and do remember the US still uses paper ballots 😔.

For all those who hate Modi Ji, continue with your hatred, but if you truly love India, you cannot ignore the transformation that he has brought about. So hate him but vote for him.

Mr. Soros, thank you for the video confession of yours. It has ensured a bigger majority for the BJP in 2024. It has also riled up several million youngsters, (India’s average age is 29) who will propel India’s GDP back to 25% of the world’s total GDP. I wish you “deergha aayu” (long life), so that you may live to see that day and also pay off some of your karmic debt. Now, get off the road.

#DigitalIndia #StartupIndia

2 thoughts on “A Geriatric Jellyfish & India”

  1. Geriatric jellyfish indeed ! An economic criminal with no morals dares to comment on India’s democratic process! What a joke..

    But as Dr Jaishankar rightly put it, Soros is old, opinionated and .. dangerous. There are so many forces funded by this old man and they won’t hesitate to use his money muscle to fund propaganda. However I have faith in the Indian people who are seeing for themselves what fantastic transformation and growth the Modi govt. has brought for Bharat. The Soroses of this planet can take a walk !


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