A Fragrant Discovery – Naivedya Cup Sambrani

On Jan 6, on our way to Bangalore from Coorg, we stopped in Mysuru to meet Suresh, COO at N Ranga Rao & Sons whose well known brand is Cycle Agarbattis. Suresh and Krishnan are batchmates and neighbours from IIM, Ahmedabad :). Between Suresh and his father, they have been working with the group for nearly 75 years ! For me, meeting Suresh was a fragrant discovery.

N Ranga Rao & Sons – Background info

The company was started at home in 1948. Today it has a presence in 65+ countries where its products get exported. It’s fascinating that a company that’s not headquartered in any of the metros is talking of carbon neutral fragrances and using 100% bio degradable material for packaging. New India is here or rather the true India is rearing up.

And please be seated when you read this sentence – “This agarbatti brand sells 12 billion agarbattis globally”. It’s a rags-to-riches post independence story worth speaking about. Read this article – Rags-to-riches: This agarbathi brand was started at home, now sells 12 billion agarbathies globally.

They employ rural women thereby empowering them. The ash from the agarbattis and dhoops that NR Group of companies sell can be safely put into flower pots. Do check out their online store – Cycle.in.

For a detailed company history read – Cycle Pure Agarbathies: The True Fragrance of India.

Employee Centric

The mark of a great company is their employees’ engagement – the NR Group has fantastic people practices. We experienced it first hand.

When we reached their parking lot, a tall lanky slightly oldish man came up and asked us whom we were meeting. We mentioned Suresh’s name and his face lit up instantly. He helped us park the car and walked with me and Amma till we crossed the road safely. We were touched by his genuine concern.

Suresh then told us that this gentleman was working in the factory but a medical condition prevented him from standing for a long time. The company does not believe in letting go of people. They were ready to support him for his medical expenses, but he also wanted to contribute in some way by working somewhere. The only option available where he could sit most of the time was being the parking in-charge. He apparently was thrilled to take this up.

Now read the above paragraphs and think of the 120,000 folks who lost their jobs in the US because of the recession or the countless people who were asked to take a pay cut or were terminated during the pandemic.

The NR Group shows us the “Indian” way of doing business where employees truly are like family.

Fragrant Discovery

Like I said right at the outset, for an agarbatti and Dhoop fan like me, meeting Suresh was a fragrant discovery !

I use Agarbattis, Sambrani (Benzoin Resin) and Bhimseni Camphor daily. Earlier I would use agarbattis from Aurobindo Ashram. Later as I got introduced to the Living Without Medicine group, I have been buying from the suppliers on the group. Do check out WeEvolv and Sattva Pure on Facebook and for Bhimseni Camphor and Agarbattis.

All the fragrance products that Cycle brand sells are outstanding but for me the Naivedya cup sambrani is simply the best ! So easy to use and the house smells divine.

Naivedya Sambrani Cup

I add a little crushed Bhimseni camphor to the sambrani cup after lighting it and my dhuni (fumer) just ensures the whole house is fragrant.

The Cycle.in online store has all your Pooja and fragrance needs. The Cycle brand stores are also being setup rapidly.

Wishing you all a fragrant year ahead with Cycle agarbattis :).

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