ओले पड़े !! बेमौसम बारिश … No climate change though 

Two days back we had a hail storm or sleet in the morning in Gurgaon, maybe it was also experienced in other parts of NCR. It is such a rare occurrence nowadays that mom thought someone was throwing small stones on the balcony !! It brought back memories of the hail storms that would occur during the rainy season in Shillong, Meghalaya. The ice pellets would not melt for a few days and it would appear as though it had snowed :). For many years now, we haven’t experienced a hailstorm and it felt nice to see the ice pellets even if they were tiny and they melted just as they hit the ground.

Managed to capture the beautiful rains even as the Sun was creeping up and also a few ice pellets.

Identify the ice pellets in this picture – these fell inside the pots so didn’t melt long enough for me to click this picture. 

Yesterday, Krishnan went for his swim and Mom and I went for our walk and just after 7.30 am the skies darkened and a few drops of rain fell. Mom wanted to remove a cloth bag she had hung out to dry, so we went home and a few minutes after she brought the bag in, it started to rain heavily. I waited for 5 minutes thinking it may abate but when it didn’t, I took an umbrella and another one for Krishnan and went to the swimming pool across the road. In those 400 meters, my capris were drenched, my sling bag in which I carry my phone was half drenched and my shoes got fully wet !! Krishnan was in the changing room and as soon as he came out we started back. (He didn’t have to see my Whatsapp message because he could hear my voice over the din that the rain was creating, yes, I have a loud voice).

We just got out of the club’s gate and the rain stopped. Hardly 15 minutes of heavy downpour and then no rains …. The puddles have still not dried in some places and I wonder what crops got damaged ! This is unseasonal rains. The human race is behaving like the ostrich with its head in the ground believing everything is ok with the world. Climate change is a reality and it is having huge consequences. The planet we leave behind for the next generation will not resemble the Earth we have known.

What can you do ? Atleast stop using plastic bags, reuse and reuse and reuse and recycle – anything that is use and throw, don’t buy, eat less, walk or cycle everywhere, do rainwater harvesting, compost your “food” waste, become vegetarian, plant trees, shrubs, plants wherever you can, and stop killing bugs that aren’t pests and please end this germ-phobia !! The time is now. Hollywood movies have a penchant for the apocalypse – it’s not mutants or aliens that will bring apocalypse, every time you pick up that plastic bottle of Coke or Pepsi, every time you eat just meat, every time you waste water, every time you don’t walk to the corner store and every time you use-and-throw, you bring the apocalypse closer.

Wake up and smell the coffee, tea and a real rose… Before they are reduced to perfumes.

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