You are what you think

I started the day with the decision that I will read or listen to Osho everyday – he is as available to me today as he was when he was alive, infact more so. And the first CD I popped into the stereo system was his talk on Dhammapada. Hearing Osho speak on Buddha’s teachings is like Buddha speaking again – the authenticity is refreshing.

Buddha says you are what you think …. In one statement he just closes up all the astrologers shops – no one can really predict what will happen, because you create your own world. I always thought that the successful astrologer is one who gets you to believe his predictions, because then you will make them come true. The prediction could be anything… An astrologer told me that I will work in the computer field in 1988 – sure enough I did start my career there, but really, have I stayed in the field ? Nope… He was a good astrologer, and lucky since there is hardly anyone who is working today and not using a computer 🙂

Even Nostradamus – we will prove him right if we continue to read what he has predicted. Not because he is right.

Buddha is right – you are what you think and therefore, the world is as you make it. Can’t blame anyone anymore !!!

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