World Environment Day 2020

Today we celebrate the annual World Environment Day and this year the theme is, Importance of biodiversity. This has been a difficult year .. bushfires in Australia leaving nearly 1 billion animals dead, cyclones in several places, the most recent ones Amphan and Nisarga in India, locust swarms, the dreadful Corona Virus and just two days back a major oil spill in Russia that released 20,000 tonnes of diesel into a river in the Arctic Circle.

As of today, we have 6.7 million positive Covid19 cases around the world with nearly 3.6 million recoveries (great news). With all the lockdowns, shelter-in-place, curfews etc Mother Nature has got a breather. The air is clearer, the Ozone layer is repairing itself and the rivers are running clear … Amidst all the gloom and doom, Nature’s rejuvenation is a major positive news. Wish we learn our lessons and be sensitive towards Mother Earth, not just on the World Environment Day but every day.

Sharing photographs clicked by my friends from across India and some photographs that I clicked.

Hussain Sagar Lake
Hussain Sagar Lake, Picture taken by Ravindra from Tankbund, with the Indian flag and the beautiful sky !
The Moon as seen in Dehradun. Picture taken by Rajesh at 7.35 pm today.
Moonrise captured by Ranjeet in Kozhikode
Moon as seen today in Noida. Picture taken by Nishi.
Sunflower Patch
Sunflower Patch in our condo complex
Sunflowers and some bees !
Millennium City
Millennium City as seen from our house 🙂
Millennium City
Millennium City as seen from our house 🙂


Was especially happy to see the bees swarming around in the sunflower patch in our Condo complex. Life is good, so long as there are bees.

Happy World Environment Day everyone.

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