Women – self-limiting beliefs

Yesterday I spoke in our internal women network session about self limiting beliefs that women carry, which doesn’t let us reach senior leadership levels in organizations and also doesn’t let us live to our potential. Am attaching the slides here on this blog. Please share widely.

Slide 1


The next two slides talk about my great grandmother, a woman who challenged all limits placed on her without any formal education and Dr. Padmavati, India’s first and oldest heart specialist, who at 96 is still practising.



The slide below is my quick list of 30 self-limiting beliefs .. Am sure every woman can add another 10 more to these. The point is to understand that an idea slowly converts into an opinion and then gets some more strength through corroborative events to become a belief. A belief turns into a conviction as more support flows to it from further positive affirmation (pun intended) !! This sequence is beautifully explained by Tony Robbins in his book “Awaken the giant within”. We need to arrest these self-limiting beliefs before they become convictions and also break out of the pattern. Padmasini and Padmavati, are proof that without any self-limiting belief, you can really achieve whatever you set your mind to.


The next few slides are some facts that will help you to understand that a woman’s brain is more wired for leadership than what we women have been led to believe.




This last slide is something that we all should pin up – we are truly free to make choices and we have no one to blame for where we find ourselves in life today except ourselves and the choices we made :):) so take charge and choose better.


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