When You Are Prepared ..

Last week we had to deposit a cheque. Usually these days everything gets done electronically, but a friend of ours had to issue a couple of cheques from an account that was in a remote village. He couldn’t travel due to the pandemic and they insisted on his being there in person before issuing the internet banking password 😂.

Just before wave 2 hit, the Citibank ATM that was in Galleria disappeared for a few weeks. I thought they had wound up their operations but I was wrong. They were renovating. Its a different matter that the cheque depositing machine STILL doesn’t work :(.

We went in with our masks and pen handy but found that there were no pins to attach the pay-in slip to the cheque. I managed to find a solitary pin stuck to some brochure and we deposited the cheque.

Going in Prepared

Expecting the same situation to repeat itself, when we returned to deposit the second cheque, we took a couple of Pay-in slips and went to the ATM with a couple of pins.

What happened ?

Prepared with a pin
The pin we carried from home as part of our preparation 🙂
Prepared - box full of pins
A box full of pins !!

While the box full of pins was a pleasant surprise, it doesn’t reduce the value of being prepared.

Do read an earlier blogpost of mine – The value of prep ! Do spend those few extra minutes thinking about your day and planning for it. It saves a ton of time and a lot of heartache.

Being prepared means being armed with the ability to deal with the unexpected. Krishnan and I have developed checklists for everything. We use a checklist for packing and then we use a checklist before leaving the house. It has things like covering the sofas, cleaning the fridge and taking the plants out from the balcony. Simple checklists, but they are life savers.

On checklists Krishnan wrote a blogpost last year – Just Write It!

Go on, be prepared…

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