What goes around …

I was reading this delightful anecdote in one of Osho’s books today morning. We don’t know if its true, but its still a great anecdote and the overall meaning definitely holds true.

As many of us are aware that the Mughal Emperor Akbar had nine “gems” in his court – these were exceptionally talented people that he called as his “Navratna”. The most popular amongst them was Birbal – an amazingly intelligent man who also had a great sense of humour. One day he made fun of Emperor Akbar when his court was in session and Emperor Akbar got mad at Birbal and slapped him. The quick thinking Birbal immediately slapped the minister standing next to him, smiled and said, pass it on.  That minister immediately slapped the person standing next to him and said, pass it on. Finally the day’s work was done and Emperor Akbar went to his bedroom and the queen gave him a tight slap! Emperor Akbar was shocked and said “why did you slap me?”. The queen’s reply was “I was slapped by someone just now and told that it is the Emperor’s game and he started it by slapping Birbal. Now it has come a full circle and the slap is returned to you. What goes around, comes around”. The Emperor could do nothing but smile at the intelligence of Birbal.

What lessons do we draw from this story ? I have a couple of lessons – one, please think before slapping anyone. Am not joking. Slapping is not the only negative thing you do – you yell, you beat somebody up, you think ill of someone, you harm in several ways at work and at home …. remember it will come back to you. Just yesterday in a freaky incident, Krishnan started the Toyota Corolla parked at my mom’s house in Hyderabad. It hasn’t been used for a month and the brakes didn’t catch. Luckily all that happened was the gate swung open and the car just got out into the gravel and stopped. No harm done to anyone. But funnily enough, on Saturday, when we were in a taxi coming home from the airport, Krishnan got really angry with another car driver who went onto the opposite lane and a bus got stuck because of him. Krishnan angrily said, “maybe the bus should just nick his car, so he has a dent and has to spend some money fixing the dent, thats when he will learn”. I know the driver will learn somehow, but well our car got a dent :). Krishnan never wishes anything bad for another person, but he gets mad with people who break the rule. Well, the universe seems to be in the business of bringing things a full circle!

The second lesson that I am drawing is – if you are the Emperor (boss/manager/proprietor/leader), you have a great responsibility to behave well. You set an example, every single time. People will try and imitate you, and people will try and follow you, even when you are wrong because you are the Emperor. With great power comes greater responsibility. …. btw, stop and mull over this – aren’t each one of us, the emperors of our own thoughts. our lives??? Are you a responsible person ? because you have great power over your life. 

Think a little more deeply about “what goes around, comes around”… if the terrorists in the world understood this, they wouldn’t spread terror… if politicians understood this, they wouldn’t cheat the common man of his share of bread…. if only the Delhi CM understood this, we would all be spared his Modi-ranting.

Remember – what goes around, comes around. Start sending positive stuff around, atleast smile as you are reading this! More people will smile at you.



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  1. I agree with you, in theory. My dilemma is that I’ve received a lot of hatred and misunderstanding in response to my good intentions. For instance, I believe honesty shows respect for the other person’s point of view. However, too many people want to be lied to, reassured, coddled. A friend even said this to me. “Lie to me.” But don’t you understand? That makes me a liar.

    What goes around does come around, but sometimes it takes a very long time.


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