We really dont get it !

It dawned on me today morning, that we really have become cynical of our policy makers and the politicians !! They are truly concerned about our health – you see, laughter is the best medicine. So they continue to make these jokes, like putting up their own statues, foisting an inexperienced leader like Rahul, changing the railway minister as soon as he finishes reading out the railway budget, a woman CM alleging a woman deserves to be raped if she goes to a pub, and the latest, women should not work beyond 8 pm !! You still dont get it do you? It took me a long time. I would get all upset with these things, till it struck me today morning that our politicians and policy makers are our saviors. They think of only our benefit and our health, so they keep enacting these fun skits, one act plays, multistarrers, comedy movies etc.

I replied to Rajesh’s blog on this latest joke about women not working beyond 8 pm and another fellow duh says “women only do time pass, at work, at home and just want equality” and yet another friend says “wouldnt it be better for women to spend more time with families and children” … Really? So here’s my reply “Friend, women do time pass on the labour table as well… thats when brothers like you are born”.

Got it?

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