Walk in the Park !

After nearly three days we were able to go for our morning walk today ….

All of yesterday went in recovering from the three day drive. The summer heat just made us all really tired.

As we walked around in Annupuram, the first thing we noticed was everyone pouring buckets of water to clean their verandahs and the steps outside their houses. Its their house so who am I to say anything but as a concerned citizen its important to point this out.

Its a colossal waste of precious water. Watch this short video –

This area will only get more dusty as the vehicles move around. Having a moat of water wouldn’t stop anyone from coming into their house. So why exactly is this person pouring water all over the gate and over the road ?

Twenty minutes later, he continued to pour water 😔🤬.

Now he was helping everyone walking around his house to get their shoes stuck with mud and clay ! I didn’t pick a fight with him today but I do expect its coming …

We then walked into a tiny but well kept park in Dr. A S Rao Nagar. Found a beautiful Peepul tree and lots of Neem trees in the park.

Walk - Peepul Tree
A beautiful Peepul Tree in the park
Walk - Prayers
People have made this tree into a Goddess and lit lamps besides pasting turmeric and vermillion. How beautiful. If more people treated our trees as Gods, we will hesitate to cut them down and the Earth will remain greener.
Walk - Yellow Flowers
This lovely tree with no leaves, but a glorious bunch of yellow flowers (Konnapoo ?)

The mornings are very pleasant and not as warm as the day is.

Our lovely walk in the park !!

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