Vedavallis day

I am blessed, for I had no change in mothers when I got married. My mother, the one who gave birth to me and nurtured me is named Vedavalli and the mother to whom she handed me over, is also named Vedavalli.

The similarities end in the name and the love they have for me. They both love me, they both are protective of me, they both nurture me, they both wish me the very best and they both live some part of their lives through me, but they are so different ….

One Vedavalli is the youngest in the family, never took responsibility, had a carefree pampered life and the other even though was the second in a family of five, took charge very early, saw strife and struggle and took life head on. They both passed on bits of their life to me – I am an only child, a carefree childhood, but I love to take responsibility and strife and struggle came my way but now life pampers me. One taught me the value of cleanliness and writing beautifully, another taught me life skills and living beautifully. One has mood swings that I inherited, the other a sharp tongue, which I carry too. One was in tears as I tied the knot, the other was the first to hug and kiss me welcome. One I treat as my child and never listen to and one as my inspiration to face life.

One thing they suffer in common – both get teased and troubled by the other child in the equation, Krishnan. One gave birth to him and has dealt with him early and the other much later but they both have gotten a good dose of his style of mischief.

I am blessed because one Vedavalli gave me life and the other it’s meaning “Krishnan” – so Happy Mothers Day it is without the apostrophe for me 🙂

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