Two crazy weeks !

If some of my friends were wondering why my blogging just stopped abruptly for nearly two weeks … Here’s how the last couple of weeks have been for me :):)

April 7 – we get back to Gurgaon, in the evening from Hyderabad.
April 8 – the Kitchen is dismantled
April 9 – Nothing happens till 2.30 and then just a couple of frames are made in the Kitchen… Anxiety creeps in. Krishnan and I clear a bunch of books. Tiring work.
April 10 – Elections. We vote and feel happy. The only work that progresses is removal of the wardrobe in the bedroom. We used the rest of the time to clear some more books and papers. Assurances given that the basic structures will all be ready on the 11th. I confirm to the packers and movers that they can deliver our stuff on the 12th.
April 11 – the worst day of the week…. By evening we are nowhere close to completion of the kitchen and the wardrobe. I speak again to the packers and movers in the evening and shift the delivery to the 13th incurring demurrage charges.
April 12 – I lose it completely as work is still incomplete and I had to travel on Monday…. The supervisor promises to be back in an hour with some of the material and never comes back. His phone is switched off. The architect lost her grand mother and I had to finally reach her and say how disappointed I was. I felt so let down 🙁 Even the basic baskets in the kitchen were not in place, the settee a simple piece of furniture was not in place, and the wardrobe was not complete either… Just the frame was in place and two rods for hanging up the sarees were in place, none of the drawers were ready and I just didn’t know what to do except get ready for the boxes to arrive the next day.
April 13 – our house got converted to a railway station with a small path opened between them for us to move :):):):) I was ready to cry but that wouldn’t have helped. So I just opened a few boxes and managed to hang up some clothes… Some of the crockery got opened by the packers and movers and we were so tired, just tired to the bone. I forgot that along with all this the washbasins that had cracked also got changed and electrical work got done courtesy our favorite electrician and plumber. Hmmm. Finally , the wardrobe got nearly done and the kitchen somewhat done.
April 14 – I went back to work and the work at home continued. I left for Pune in the evening and we took a break from the “redoing” 🙂 for three days.
April 15, 16 – In Pune. Got a call that the cars had reached Bangalore.
April 17 – Krishnan and I had our first experience of where car carriers bring our cars… There will be a blog on that. Watch out for that. We collected the cars from Kapashera border and then I got onto calls from home.
April 18 – I went to work and folks came back to work on the kitchen and wardrobe and the study table. The kitchen got 80% ready. We cleared some more boxes and Goonj got one tranche of boxes.
April 19, 20 – the study table got setup on Sunday because again the planks ended up being the wrong size :):) the kitchen is almost complete – some tidbits remain. I had to be rescued from the mall – the Yeti’s battery gave up. We managed to clear another tranche of boxes. Nisha and Kishore helped by collecting some of the nice writing paper collection that we had and I got my birthday gift from Aaliyah !! Haldirams lunch soothed frayed nerves and dinner with Vandana and Sanchita helped further…
April 21 – Goonj got the second tranche of boxes and finally our house looks somewhat normal.

Now we still have another two days of work left to finally complete all the odd bits and pieces left still… May stretch longer if the materials don’t arrive in time 🙂 I missed blogging .. So expect several blogs to make up for the lost time !!

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