Three “gifted” saris

For most of my friends, buying a gift for me is very easy – saris work, every time, after all am a sari addict. The following three saris are gifts from three very dear friends. Thank you Geetu, Deepa, Anupama and Keshav.

First, a pretty Maheshwari that was gifted to me by Geetu. Its gossamer thin and just perfect for the scorching heat. The neckpiece is from Desh Maheshwari, Noida and they are some fossil stones. The color just blew me away.


The next sari was gifted to me by Deepa and Kapil for one of my birthdays. The colour is so beautiful that half the time I keep looking at this sari before wearing it. Its a cotton and probably a “taant”. The neckpiece is some plastic or wooden coloured beads that I bought at Janpath. The color is perfectly matched to the sari and that works :). The picture is taken inside the new lift that has been installed at our condo complex.

deepas gift

The third sari is a gift from Anu and Keshav. Anu is another sari lover and has amazing taste. This is a cotton with a lovely pallu. Am not sure if its a Handloom or power loom made sari… my suspicion, its a power loom product. Anu Varshney, my newly discovered twin on the W3 page – this is the one I told you about. The same colour combination as yours. The neckpiece is made of Jasper and from Desh Maheshwari, Noida. What a lovely stone … it has slight specks of gold, beautiful. Blouse is made of Khunn material from Pune.

keshav sari 1


3 thoughts on “Three “gifted” saris”

  1. Oh wow! I was blown away by seeing my name in this blog post of yours! All three sarees are beautiful – hard to decide which one I like more. I absolutely love your neck pieces – the one with Maheshwari saree – it has the perfect length for people like me whose neckpieces get hidden by their unruly hair.
    I’ll have to ransack your wardrobe when I meet you 😀

  2. Thank you for your kind offer. We shall meet for sure when we are in Delhi next. Some things are destined to happen.


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