The price of forgetting Maths …

This is the first 15 minutes I have had since Aug 4th to do anything personal …. They did mean what they said during our orientation, “don’t bother bringing your office laptop, you can’t get to it”.

It’s exhilarating to be a student again and interestingly enough, it brings back all the student behaviours – fretting about marks, fuming about getting the wrong answer and all the rest of the in between emotions – the class jokes, the longing for breaks, the colorful waterbottles and complaints about the food. Thank God for the clean toilets – don’t want those really bad, dirty toilets from school.

So today we had our first test – and it was exactly like walking on hot coals without the faith though !! People who do fire walking believe they won’t be hurt by the hot coals, we didn’t have that belief so most of us got badly burnt…. Hmmm

I was remembering Narendran Sir, my Maths teacher for 10th std to 12th std. He taught me just a few kilometres from the ISB campus at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Air Force Academy, Dindugul…. Great teacher. Made Maths look easy, easy enough that I sailed through my B.Sc first year without attending a single Maths class. But then, for the last 22 years I stayed away from Maths and paid for it dearly today.

Probability – prior, given, joint, marginal and all the types of variances … I cant hear the word “variance” anymore without my pulse quickening. The mental calisthenics that we were all forced to do for the last three days has got most of us to develop our mental lean muscles 🙂 our smiling professor is outstanding, there can’t be another one who can explain probability better than Prof Deshmukh – our brains just need to redevelop those long lost neural pathways.

As Srini says “its simple” – if you use it regularly… And just like history, if you forget it, you will be forced to repeat it.

Fire-walking through Maths @ ISB with my fellow fire walkers !

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