The Original Toolkit

Greta’s Toolkit 😜

At the height of the (non) farmer protests, the Indian public heard of the toolkit for the first time. Lil’ Miss Thunberg accidentally made the toolkit public, oooops ! All the efforts taken by the anti-India ecosystem became a laughing stock with proof. Every literate Indian understood the word instantly and it has now become a part of our lexicon.

Today while chatting with Savitri Ji on Twitter, I suddenly realised that we have all been misled by the original toolkit used successfully for nearly two centuries !

The Original

Remember in school, how we all were taught that the Mughal King Akbar created a mish-mash religion called “Din-i-ilahi” ? He took all that was good in all the different religions and put them together. The first “secular” religion 🙄. That’s the original toolkit at work.

Din-i-ilahi’s first tenet was the unity of God. Dhimmi Hindus continue to propagate that even today much to the merriment of our Muslim and Christian brothers. I say brothers because sisters in both the Abrahamic monotheistic faiths have no role to play except in procreation. All roads lead to the same God. No … the Muslim’s path leads to Allah and the Christian’s path leads to Jesus’ father in heaven.

A true Hindu is a seeker whose path goes within, not without.

The most interesting information on Wikipedia (the authority accepted by young folks) about Din-i-ilahi is the number of followers it had – 18. No typo buddy, you read it right, EIGHTEEN people have chosen or were coerced to follow the Din-i-ilahi. Hmmm poor Akbar, must be turning in his grave with shame as a nobody like me brings this truth to light.

Guess what was the second tenet ? – Followers of Din-i-ilahi were to salute one-another with Allah-u-Akbar. I rest my case.

Do read – Din-i-Ilahi if you don’t believe me. Hope some Dhimmi Hindus are laughing atleast now.

Post Independence Toolkit

Do read this outstanding article by Sandeep Balakrishna – Subverting the True History of India: How Jawaharlal Nehru and his Cronies Sidelined Prof R.C. Majumdar.

Posting an excerpt from this article to make my point –

Toolkit - Nehru

Before you jump in to support Bharat Ratna Maulana Abul Kalam Azad do read what True Indology has to say for him. True Indology is factually correct every single time, because he gives actual links to the data he presents.

Toolkit - True indology

The slight adjustments to our history have resulted in a society that’s ripe for take over by the Abrahamic religions. Dhimmi Hindus don’t realise that they are made redundant by their own, who are following a toolkit that is designed to deliver India on a platter :(. The dream of the Caliphate is alive and just like we dumeels supported the Khilafat movement to restore the caliphate in Turkey we are supporting this new age movement.

The Left Liberal (oxy)morons are frothing at the mouth because our Olympics medal winners went to temples of their choice 😡, while they swoon in joy when Joe Biden takes oath by swearing on a Bible and Kamala Mami swears on two bibles 🙄 with the zeal of the newly converted !!!! They see no hypocrisy in this and that’s what the original toolkit has achieved.

I agree, there is no Love Jihad – its just Jihad all the way. The names of Saif Ali Khan’s children are Sara, Ibrahim, Taimur and Jehangir. Names of Aamir Khan’s children are Ira, Junaid and Azad. The names of Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi’s children are Soha, Saba and Saif….. the list is endless. Why am I pointing it out? Well, all these men married Hindu women. Why don’t they name even one of their children as Rishi or Seema or Sanjay or Amrita or Laxmi or Rohit or Akshay ?

The missionary toolkit works even better because Jesus does not insist on names being changed. Good man, no wonder he died for the sins that will be committed in his name ! I can go on but am actually tired. Read – July – Hindu Persecution Awareness Month to see how the missionaries work.

End Notes

An appeal – Please wake up and smell your favorite poison but please wake up. Hindus would be rendered homeless very quickly. We will lose our identity, our glorious history, our timeless traditions and Sanatana Dharma will get buried under the onslaught. But there is still a tiny sliver of opportunity to fix this downslide.

A request – Don’t comment on this blog if you are trying to appeal to my rational self. Am as rational as they come. I don’t suffer from bi-polar disorder as one of my friends had asked nor am I a hypocrite. Differing thoughts are welcome so long as they are respectfully presented. I welcome historical facts so long as they are backed by original source links.

Credits – “Dhimmi Hindus” is a term coined by Shefali Vaidya. “Dumeels” is a loving term in Tamil for idiots.

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