The mango people

I recall that a couple of years back there was a lot of noise on social media and television about the use of the word ‘mango people’ by certain quarters. I searched on Google for the words and one meaning that I got was that it refers to ‘common people’.

But the mango people that I am referring to are not those common people but definitely extraordinary people.

We met these boys first in the year 2013 when we were based out of Bangalore. We had read in one of the newspapers about the presence of a fruit market dedicated to mangoes during the mango season of April to June, on the Jayamahal Main Road between Bangalore Cantonment Station and Mekhri Circle. We bought a variety of mangoes from them and relished not just the mangoes but also the conversation that we had with them. Since then just at the start of the mango season, we will promptly receive a call on Bindu’s mobile to invite us to their shop. The boys, brothers named, Illayaraja, Vijay and Madan kept in touch with us. Always. Although we have not been able to go and shop every year, this year luckily we were in Hyderabad when the call came about the setting up of the shop, and we promised them that we would come over. 

On Sunday, 12th June, we reached their shop. Wow. As always, they had a variety of mangoes and ensured that Bindu and her mom tasted every single variety on display and in stock. Absolutely no pressure to buy. We then bought what we wanted to, at special prices. It was a pleasure dealing and doing business with these young boys. They have been covered by the local media as well!

Shopping over, we started our conversation with the mango people. Well, Illayaraja is a mechanical engineer, Vijay has completed his hotel management diploma and the youngest, Madan is a certified operation theatre technician. They do have a sister pursuing her Nursing program. Even as they pursued their education, they would always come together during the mango season to make a profit and support their family and themselves. We gave them ideas and suggestions to enhance their job opportunities. 

All the three boys are looking for suitable job opportunities NOW. So, anyone reading this blog, please get these boys employed. They are hard working, honest and above all have a genuine customer service attitude – enough qualifications for any job. 

Wishing these mango people much success and they gave ardent fans in us. 

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