The insignificance of age

Today’s “Brunch” carried Seema Goswami’s article about how a friend of hers was upset on being called “aunty” by 20 year old girls. I find this obsession with remaining young forever crazy !!!

Also this obsession with turning 40 and the 40’s today are the 30’s of yesterday type proclamations. I have never understood why you shouldn’t ask a woman’s age – how does that change anything ? If a woman is 60 and looks like she is 20, she still won’t be able to bear children, she has still gone past menopause…. If a woman is 20 and looks like she is 60, does that change anything ? In today’s world that is obsessed with looks and figure, it probably would, but nature makes no discrimination. It’s sad to see divas like Sridevi, Madhuri and Manisha Koirala trying to recapture their lost youth… Wish they got smarter and wiser as they got older and didn’t try to “fit” in.

I have never had a problem sharing my date of birth, time of birth, the brand of hair color I use and exactly how old I am. I also have never had a problem with someone my age even calling me “behenji”, “aunty”, or “naani” ! Just because someone calls me grandmom, it doesn’t change who I am or my chronological age or vice versa, if someone feels am 16 years old, it doesn’t make me 16 years old.

Age is just a number and a really insignificant one and women should worry more about growing wiser than older – inspite of Lady Diana being one of the most beautiful woman in the world, Prince Charles still loved Camilla, who would never qualify for a beauty pageant. If we don’t learn from that, we never will.

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