The Heart time – Kairos

The music was classy and peppy, the little kids adorable, especially the one in the black jacket with curly hair – we enjoyed the food and Indian tea specially made for us. All this happened in the morning at the Kairos Institute. The place reminded me so much of Shillong, KVHV gang – all of you must have got hiccups today, the ferns, the pine trees and the up and down winding roads all reminded me of our happy days at Happy Valley.

Kairos is a social project that has brought education and livelihood to the community living in this very beautiful part of Belo Horizonte. FDC also participates by donating money and ISB indirectly supports it.

Nearly all of us became musicians for a few minutes and yes with double the number of team members, India lost to 6 Brazilian kids in soccer – no matter what Wong and Anirban tried to say about the match being a draw. It was a draw since the kids were kind otherwise we were licked fair and square !!

The presentation at the coffee shop was very interesting and that’s where we found out about the meaning of Kairos – it’s a German word for “heart” time, two words that denote time in German, Chronos and Kairos. Chronos we know – our watches, Kairos is the time that is kept by the heart 🙂 and you thought Germans were precise like their machines ? They have a heart too and it keeps time of its own – Kairos.

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