The difficulty of becoming who you are…

In my childhood, I wanted myself to do, and be, various things in my life. Some of them are: become the driver of Pandian Express (it was once the fastest express train in Southern Railway), a black belt in Karate (inspired by Bruce Lee and Enter the Dragon), Bharatnatyam Dancer (inspired by Kamal Hasan in various movies), and last but not the least, MBA from Harvard ( have been reading HBR for more than 35 years).

While I did progress on each one of my childhood dreams to varying degrees of success, there are several events in my life that changed my life course and what I wanted to become. Some of them were driven by instinct of ‘surviving’ and some by ‘thriving’. How do ‘surviving’ and ‘thriving’ play a role in what you want to become?

Here is an interesting article that I read in Flipboard that I would like you read and reflect!

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