The Buddha’s return

The one quality that has helped me face any challenge in life has been the ability to shrug my shoulders and say “this too shall pass”… Because I do genuinely believe that time is a great healer/leveller. In the past few weeks, many things broke through my defences and put me under stress and I momentarily forgot to say to myself “this too shall pass”.

I lost the ability to smile, was quick to lose my cool and was generally uptight. It’s so easy for innocuous things to creep in and while my Maths is not great, addition seems to be working fine inside my subconscious !! My mom-in-law mentioned to Krishnan that planetary positions for me had moved into a slightly tough situation, some of my work projects weren’t going anywhere, the perpetual project of losing weight was not happening, ShikshaDaan’s account opening took inordinately long, some friend did not meet me, some friend didnt call me etc etc etc ….. And every day I chose to be unhappy – had more πŸ™ symbols floating around than πŸ™‚

And then yesterday an old friend reminded me of my favourite life-reading glasses, that I had left perched on my forehead – the one that clearly saw how much fun I was having and when things were less fun, to say “this too shall pass”. The planetary positions were most favourable when we lost 18 lakhs, and I live life my way, not the way the planets want. Work is a part of my life …. To help me live my life’s purpose, it’s not my purpose. I have never cared for two numbers, age and weight, so why now… ShikshaDaan is up and running and happening… A week’s delay in its lifetime inconsequential, my friends are still my friends, am loved, cherished and well liked … I have every reason to be happy everyday, like always. I walked away from the worst fiasco of our lives with no scar on my spirit and here I was letting tiny ant bites to tear me up.

The Buddha is back … The momentary wandering on the wrong side of life was worth the contrast it provided, but I like my side more πŸ™‚

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