Term 7 begins

It started with lukewarm tea but progressively got better. I ordered for “”Cha” in the room and when the server walked in with a box of teas, I was super impressed. But got no milk with it and then as I poured our the hot water, I realised it was lukewarm. We are at Caesar Business hotel, that’s right next to FDC. Beautiful setting.

The breakfast spread was impressive, the fruits were just so good !! The one thing that is certainly different is the non-hot tea – but people’s graciousness makes up for it all – there is genuine effort to put up a great show and the eagerness to serve.

The classroom was different, like a square and the facilities are top notch. The spread during the tea breaks was just awesome.

Prof Anand has a different style from Prof Kale but interesting… And we learnt about Multi Domestic industry/organization and truly global ones. The cocktail brought out the poet in the Prof !! Great singing from Sajive, Mehraj and Arun as the day wound down.

Nice start and Brazil seems very similar, yet so dissimilar to home.

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