Osho on moving from CPA to CA 😃

Osho - CPA to CA

Today’s discourse is meant for me, every single word. I felt like the Master had reached out from the beyond to nudge me from CPA to CA. 🙏🏿

I LOVE my car, lipstick, home, bag….. seriously??

A school friend of mine recounted a conversation that she was privy to between a niece of hers and her friend about the kind of person her niece wanted to marry. The conversation apparently went something like this “he should have a four bedroom house in his name, an Audi or a Merc, his parents … Read more

Sunny Leone – Prime time !

The day started off with a lively debate on one of my Whatsapp groups. One of the group members started off by posting about Sunny Leone’s “Walk the Talk” session with Shekhar Gupta and that he was really impressed with her answers.  Another one called the media “bikau” because he didn’t think she was such … Read more