Strange day !

How do I classify a day that started off with a stupid comment and deteriorated into a series of one off events and finally ended quite ok – strange day ?

I think I give up, give up explaining to mom about the difference between right and wrong, the difference between her brothers and sisters and dad’s family or just the fact that her so called well wishers, well-don’t-wish-her !! Osho always says that bring up your children without giving them your belief systems because they need to inquire and create their own …. So true. My grand mom has dinned such a strong belief system into Amma that for 40 years Appa could not undo it and now for the last 3 years Krishnan and I struggle with it. Just cannot understand how her brother in the US can mean so much after the way he treated her or us !! Past life clues are the only ones left to be explored.

Then the Auto Expo – What should have been a showcase of class, was crass. You got off the metro at gate 10 and they had a ticket counter right there but not for those who had booked online. For the fault of booking the tickets easily, we had to walk across to gate 7 which is about 750 mtrs from gate 10 and stand in a queue to get the printed tickets before standing in another queue and getting into the expo !!! We are dumb to have expected the process would fit into a couple of lines, this is India, everything is a few 1000 pages.

Then at the expo, there is no map – just two color coded areas, for automobiles it’s color blue and for components it’s some shade of ochre. You want to find out where is Nissan’s display ? Either buy their book and find it alphabetically or just wing it.

You can get bruised as you may trip or fall as the flooring is uneven. As my friend Sanjay said, they are trying to give every visitor the authentic feel of the roads in India !

Good day at work, spoke to Venki – now I have homework. Speak to coach, he gives you work to improve yourself.

Strange day !

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