Strange company

Am completely uncomfortable in traditional weddings. I mostly tag along with Krishnan or with my mom-in-law and literally hide behind them and my big smile.

Today we attended a cousin’s son’s wedding. The only person I knew very well was Krishnan’s aunt and another distant relative. I also don’t fit into the traditional Tamilian gang anymore – I no longer have the long hair made into a thick plait, the bob makes me look non-traditional-Tamilian. I do wear the sari, but my accessories are non- traditional, so people struggle to place me 🙂

And I have a big problem being on my own in these settings. Krishnan stepped away for 10 minutes and another person asked me if someone was coming in the vacant seat next to me – I called Krishnan five times !! Irrational ? Yep.

I do sari-watching mostly, and there are some aunts, some cousins that I am comfortable with – if any of them are around, am ok otherwise I struggle. Is this how new employees feel in an organization ? It’s not a great feeling…

Today there was momentary déjà Vu – a lady walked in with a thick plait reminding me and Krishnan of the time I had nearly as thick hair and longer… Krishnan had pulled my hair to confirm it was original.

Hmmm some things don’t change I guess 🙂

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