Spare the Animals 😔

There was a picture doing the rounds on Whatsapp and a few other chat platforms about how a mother Impala gives up her life to save her babies. Human beings are truly strange animals …. with all the intelligence that we seem to possess, we also have this deep need to constantly reinforce some universal values (that’s a separate debate !!).

Here’s the picture –

Animals - Impala cheetah

The picture is sad for us human beings and the outcome is sad for the Impala, but the Cheetahs got their lunch. The Cheetahs didn’t pull out a slab of meat from the deep freezer and thaw it in a microwave :(. The Cheetahs had to hunt, chase and kill this Impala to feed themselves and their cubs.

What’s even worse is the fake sob story that’s doing the rounds – that this is a mother Impala who let herself be caught by the Cheetahs so that her fawns could be saved. Am wondering who to call “animals”.

Here is the true story – The real story behind the viral photo of cheetahs preying on an impala.

The photo was taken by Alison Buttigieg at Masai Mara, Kenya in 2013. She obviously felt bad looking at the beautiful Impala getting killed but she also understood that this was how animals lived in their natural habitat.

Why give this sob story ? It just gets more attention.

Here is another Sob story –

I clicked this picture of a cat picking up her kitten by its neck and hiding under a car…. I was deeply disturbed that the owner of the car might not realise that there is a mother and her child taking refuge under his/her vehicle. The moral dilemma was huge – should I inform the owner of the car ? or should I let things go Nature’s way ?

I prayed that the mother cat and her baby kitten stayed safe and continued my walk.

Animals Cat and Kitten

Today when I found the mother cat, the kitten was missing and I was heartbroken. My heart was healed when I saw the cute kitten amidst some shrubs totally unharmed and happy as any kitten can be.


Sorry, I give up. I can’t write sob stories to save my life.

The cat always picks up its kitten by the scruff of its neck – that’s the right way to pick up the kitten. Don’t sob over this natural phenomenon. Human babies won’t survive being picked up this way by their mothers. So kindly do not attempt this with human babies.

Spare the animals please…. and get a life ! Yeah mothers are great, even when they give birth to idiots 😆.

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  1. Cats are survivors, even cheetahs. It’s painful to watch, when you have compassion for the victims in any struggle.

    But in our world, death feeds life. Is there another way?


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