Something better is in store …

I love dispensing wisdom and unsolicited advise and this started from when I was very young. When my mother would pray for something, I would tell her – pray all you want, but if you don’t get what you pray for then learn to accept what comes your way. I have modified this nugget of mine a little as I have grown up … I believe when things don’t go your way or you don’t get what you are aspiring for, there is something better in store !

Let me give you a couple of personal examples – when we got stuck in the Chennai floods of Dec 2015, our Skoda Yeti was parked on the ground level and remained submerged in the flood waters for four days. It was a total write-off. When my friend Usha called me and I told her what had happened, she was very concerned that we lost our favourite car. My response to her was “we are supposed to be driving a better car” and I wasn’t being flippant, I really meant it. Well, it did come true because we bought a used Volvo XC 90 as a replacement for the Skoda Yeti.

This adage of mine came true more recently when we were in Pune. We were window shopping at the West End Mall on March 14th and entered the Apple store. One of the customer service reps saw us checking out the iPhones and spoke to us about the special scheme that they had for the iPhone XR. There was cash back upon using an AMEX card, a store discount, plus they gave us a great offer to buy Krishnan’s old iPhone 6 plus. The 80,000/-+ iPhone XR with all these discounts was available for just Rs. 54000/-. We liked the whole deal but decided to wait a few days before buying the phone. We are trying to avoid impulsive purchases. We went back after a couple of weeks and the rep who had spoken to us was on his day off, so we decided to come back another day. Finally we went on April 1 and realised that the scheme ended on March 31st.

We were a tad bit disappointed but didn’t think too much of it. We got back to Gurgaon and suddenly one fine day Krishnan saw this advert saying the iPhone XR was available for a special price of 50,000/- if it was purchased using an HDFC card. We requested one of our friends to use their HDFC card as we didn’t have one and we managed to get the iPhone 8 for less than 50,000/- as Krishnan’s old 6 plus sold for a higher amount in Gurgaon than in Pune. My adage was proven right yet again.

So whenever life seems to not go the way you want or you don’t get something you aspire for, remember … something better is in store :). Disclaimer – This only applies to things and when the chips are down. Please don’t apply this principle to your love life or relationships and blame me for not getting married or getting divorced. 

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  1. Malu very much true. You can take very many examples from my life which is an open book for you.


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