Social animal, social media

The new whipping boy for our politicians is the social media, especially Marc Zuckerberg’s Facebook 🙂

Yesterday while watching the television news on different channels about the North East rumour, or Kanda’s surrender/arrest every politician was united in condemning the social media. Very funny… Remember those days when Amitabh Bachan was the newly crowned superstar and everyone blamed his movies for the violence we saw then in the society – ofcourse the word terrorist had not even been coined, thank God !

I find it funny because, the first thing we should be banning is public speaking, then the telephone before we even come near the social media ! Our entire struggle for independence was conducted through public speaking and newspapers and printed material… That is what the Britishers censored and banned. What is the politician of today doing by asking for a ban on social media ? Exactly the same thing that the Brits did 67 years back. Why is the social media scary ? Because it reaches a large number of people instantly and it can even be used to gain freedom – Egypt is a shining example.

Our dear politicians need to evolve and stay in tune with the times… Re-invent yourselves to remain relevant or else you will be relegated to the dark unseen corners of social life – unless you enjoy being a recluse, its not a pleasant situation. You, dear politician, are a social animal, so learn about social media and stop talking about banning it. Anything that’s prohibited gains more popularity !!

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