So, you think you got trouble ??

On Saturday night, we happened to record David Attenborough’s Planet Earth II on BBC Earth. One particular species that he covers in this episode, just blew our minds.

The Marine Iguanas are only found in the Galapagos island. They are vegetarians and live off the moss and other sea plants that are found on the ocean bed. Fascinatingly the marine iguanas can hold their breath underwater for almost half hour !! These iguanas live in rocky shores and in colonies. They lay eggs and bury them in the soil where the eggs hatch on their own. This episode featured these Marine Iguanas and what happens as the eggs hatch ….

The young newly born marine iguanas have to race to the rocky shores to join their colonies. That’s still ok, but what they dodge within minutes of being born are racer snakes !!! Not one, not two but these 15 feet long snakes lie in wait for the baby iguanas to start running and just attack in droves. Watching it was scary enough.

Just born Marine iguana being chased by a Racer snake
An unfortunate marine iguana caught by the racer snakes becomes its meal
The smart baby iguana that stays still and escapes the racer snakes as they only detect movement !

As we watched this short clip, both Krishnan and I immediately thought about human beings. We are at the top of the food chain, with our intelligence, our houses, guns and many other protective tools. We don’t have to sprint for our life as soon as we are born. The sexual predators and murderers aside, most babies have a 100% chance to make it to adulthood.

What do adult human beings do? Whine and moan about troubles that beset them ! Watch this clip as the baby marine iguana races to life, dodging predators within minutes of being born and hopefully we will stop whining.

The next time you think you are in trouble, watch this clip –

and then decide whether to moan and groan or just put one step in front of the other, and keep walking out of trouble.


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