Seven years of the Corolla

We had managed to sell off the black Corsa without much of a loss… It had done exactly 10000 kms in a year and a half and while I loved the tank like feel, I couldn’t deal with the s….l…..o….w pickup. Even people who walked at a snail’s pace overtook the Corsa :):). We heard it was being phased out, so got worried and sold it off.

I called Jayanth on the morning of April 30th, 2006 and he was rushing to buy his car because it was Akshaya Trithi – the special day. So we decided we will also get a car and went to the Toyota showroom. I wanted a black and wanted to take the delivery that day. While the Toyota folks initially baulked at the idea, but slowly warmed up to it and looked around and got a black Corolla for me. We had walked in at about 12 noon and they asked us to come back at 3 pm and collect the car. Infact MGF Toyota effectively nixed any little ability I had of delaying gratification 🙂 but the feeling was great.

The black Corolla is just a dream to drive … Even in the face of new and peppier cars, the Corolla is just a sheer pleasure to drive. This is also the first car that we have kept with us for seven years – special. So many memories that are part of this car, the most special was teasing Dhanush and six of us doing the first trip in this car to Mcleodganj. Amma moving backwards at one of the stops …. The first time it dawned on us that she was growing old and not as healthy as we remembered her to be. Then Srini’s farewell and I took the blind curve at the MGF mall, crunching the side of the car :(:(

Peter Bhardwaj – this one is still waiting for your special wash 🙂


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