Scoop the poop !

For the last few days we are in Pune and have been going out for walks …. The city has gorgeous weather and even though it has grown tremendously, it’s roads are a little wider and the Cantonment is very visibly in the middle of all things. The beautiful old trees still exist and the whole city is a green. What is also great is, the obvious love that Pune-ites have for dogs. There were as many dogs out to walk as human beings. The strays are a problem, but they generally seem to chase cars and other intruder dogs :). Most dogs were also in shape and not overweight like in Gurgaon …. All positive. Here’s what doesn’t work though – 

The entire sidewalk is filled with dog poop … Swachh Bharat be damned !! Well educated men and women take their dogs out to do their thing and human beings like us who are walkers either can walk through poop street or choose to walk on the road. Why have a sidewalk then ? 

There are poop scoopers available and responsible pet owners buy them when they get the dog home. It is NOT the municipal corporation’s responsibility to clean the sidewalk of dog shit. Do you expect the municipal corporation to come and clean your house or your baby when it does potty ? Then how is dog poop any different ? The dog is as much a member of your family as the child is – so why is their poop treated differently ?

There should be a hefty fine charged if dog owners do not scoop their pet’s poop. Look at the filth that’s lying around besides dog poop – 

Pune seems to be going to dog’s poop :(:( and as long as we think someone else has to get our house cleaned up, we just made the choice to live in a mucky world. #swachhBharat needs #swachhthoughts first.  

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