Remembering Soni … And RIP Hughes

By a strange twist of fate, the young Australian cricketer Phil Hughes passed away today making it a really sad day. He succumbed to the head injury sustained while playing …. And I just heard on the news that his mother and sister were in the stands when the bouncer hit Phil. My heart goes out to them, I am just not able to think what someone can say to console his mom. RIP Phil Hughes… The only consolation is you chose to leave as you were playing your favorite game, so your thoughts were happy as that fatal bouncer came your way. I also want to think of the young bowler who bowled the bouncer. Sean Abbot is just 22 and while no one is or will blame him, just thinking that he delivered the ball that took a life is a huge burden to live with. May God give him the strength to bear this and live both his life and Phil’s unfinished life too…

A year back I was in Bangalore and for some strange reason I woke up early and reached for my phone …. And saw Geojo’s SMS saying Soni is no more and it was so final. I sat for a few minutes and thought of Shalini and Soni’s mom. I am thinking of both of them today, a year later. Yes, a year has gone by and many things have changed, except that moment when we all knew that Soni was not going to sit up and smile that smile of his.

Soni, your mother and Shalini have continued …. Somehow. Their hearts beat, their breath comes and goes, they eat, they shower, they do the chores and things appear normal, but I feel their thoughts are with you every minute. You have done well, by urging God to give them the strength to go on and fulfil their purpose in this life and find some peace. Your colleagues at work remember you fondly and for many of us, it feels unreal that you are gone. There are many changes in the office space, some new colleagues and some of your old friends moved to other jobs, but the space in our hearts for you is unmoved and unchanging. We love you and miss your presence and remember you often.

Life and death are revolving doors and friends remain friends because death doesn’t change anything except the physical presence. God bless you Soni, and may our fond memories keep you company. I love these words of my Master Osho – “Death is not the end, but the beginning of a new life. Death is the door between two lives; one is left behind, one is waiting ahead”.

God bless you and young Phil Hughes. He starts the journey to another life today.

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