Reflected Glory !

Yesterday in the evening, we were watching an amazing movie and Krishnan just looked out from the balcony window (these are bay windows). He immediately asked me to click a few pictures because the setting Sun was being reflected off a building’s glass pane and the effect was magical.

Do find the reflected glory in the following pictures –

Reflected Sunset
Reflected Sunset

Stunning, isn’t it ? And it was a spectacle for just a few minutes. Krishnan went out after me to see if he could also click a couple of photographs but the scene had changed. A Sunset or a Sunrise is such an amazing scene …

In life too, so many of us bask in reflected glory !! Especially in public life. There are several successful actors who probably did well because they “looked” like a bigger more successful star ! There are Elvis Presley lookalikes that manage to make a living by just looking like him or singing like him.

In the music industry in India we have the “cover” versions which is upcoming singers singing songs of Mohd. Rafi or Kishore Kumar or SPB or Lata Mangeshkar as their voice resembles the legend’s voice. Sonu Nigam, a legend in his own right, started out by playing “cover” versions of Mohd. Rafi. Well, thank God that he did – I love Mohd. Rafi’s voice and I absolutely love Sonu Nigam’s voice.

Enjoy Nature’s beautiful Sunset … the photographs don’t do justice though.

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