Recovering from Kovai Express

I couldnt write anything yesterday since I could only see the tiny cockroaches flying all over the place !! I will never travel in the Kovai Express again. I love all journeys – but this experience was really poor.

We were booked in the AC chair car for our trip back to Chennai from Salem. Before we got in, Krishnan was sharing how he had seen the first ever run of Kovai Express and that it had gone at 100 Kph. He was so impressed then. The fact that for many years it was the fastest train in India and it was considered a matter of pride if you travelled by Kovai Express.

I dont know who is our Railway minister now – cant get past the highs of Nitish Kumar and the utter lows of Lalu Prasad, but it is sad to see a prestigious train so filthy. I couldnt even sleep as I was scared that some cockroach would move across me, yes, am cringing as I write this ! There were wrappers, paper cups etc thrown all over the coach and the dinner tray almost hit Krishnan’s face when he tried to use it.

The train was on time at every station. Also there is realtime google map information on where the train is and when is it expected to reach the next station, very impressive ! Just couldnt enjoy all the tech jazz and revel in it because of the filth.

So so sad – Gandhi took the clip from the pages that had spewed venom on him and said that he had taken the one thing of value from those pages, we seem to have just reversed the process as a country – we seem to have taken the muck and thrown out all the useful/important stuff when it relates to civic sense and general upkeep of our “public” property.



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