Product Review – Tupperware FridgeSmart

I was a huge Tupperware fan. I gave away a lot of the Tupperware containers except the modular storage containers. Its a conscious effort towards reducing our plastic footprint over the past few years.. The modular containers are great space savers and I store all the dry grains, pulses, pasta etc in them.

While clearing one of the shelves in the kitchen, I found a FridgeSmart storage container that I hadn’t given away. I wanted to test and see if Spinach stayed fresh in that container. I cleaned the Spinach of weeds and roots and put it into the FridgeSmart container with the vent in the open position.

Note – Never wash the greens if you aren’t cooking with them immediately. They will spoil if washed and put into the fridge.

I left the Spinach in the fridge for 6 days and when I got it out, it was as fresh as the day I bought it !!

The one vegetable that doesn’t take kindly to refrigeration is Tomato. Am going to try and store tomatoes in this container to see if they stay fresh for a longer period of time.

The picture below is from Tupperware’s Jan 2020 catalogue. They have three sizes – 1.6 L, 450 ml, and 4.6 L. I have the 1.6 L container.

This is a good use of plastic and because it will be used over and over again, it also doesn’t end up in a landfill in large numbers. Also because the vegetable or fruit is kept as a whole, there is no possibility of any reaction with the plastic.

This is a useful product to store things in the fridge. I intend to get the larger size after I have tested this one for tomatoes.

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