Product Review – The Rise of the Bull !

We all have seen stray cattle on the streets and even highways of India. What we don’t realise is the sad state of the Bulls and the Bull Calves. Do read this distressing article – Abandoned, engineered, slaughtered: dairy industry decides the fate of India’s bulls.

An excerpt from the above article that will hurt your sensibilities IF you are an animal lover.

Bull Calves

The Cow Based Economy

One of the unintended but disastrous outcome of the White revolution has been organised dairy and the slow disappearance of the indigenous breeds. India does not revere the cow for nothing … every part of the cow is useful. The desi breeds give A2 milk which today is considered medicinal. Those who watch Masterchef Australia will notice the prominent display of A2 milk. Because there was a wrong perception that desi breeds do not produce sufficient quantity of milk, we started importing foreign breeds.

The desi Bulls were the first victims of this change because artificial insemination meant each dairy farm required just one or two bulls. The Green revolution brought in mechanised farming and the bulls lost out on farm work. Machines replaced the Bulls in oil seeds grinding too. Pump sets ensured a bull was not required to draw water for the fields and so on ….

Cold Pressed Oils

For a long time, Indians did not know anything other than cold pressed oils because thats what was sold. Then as with everything else, we mechanised our oil extraction and the “blended” oil was born. Our health took a nosedive and some businesses did well as new fangled oils made ludicrous health claims. Clever advertisements fooled us further into believing that some of these blended oils will suddenly improve our cholesterol levels. Keep stuffing your face with deep fried items in any oil while parking your bum on the couch, and sooner or later some hospital will get rich and many dieticians and pharma companies will also benefit. πŸ™„

We shifted back to cold pressed sesame oil the minute I found a vendor through the Living Without Medicine Group. I have written about it – Marachekku Yennai – Cold Pressed Oil. Then more recently an amazing vendor of Bull Driven Cold Pressed Oil was introduced – Krishi360.

Bull driven Sesame oil

Bull Driven Wood Pressed Oil

While I loved the wood pressed oil that the earlier vendor was supplying, I was unhappy about having to use plastic bottles. When I saw that Krishi360 uses tins to supply the oils, I immediately ordered from them. Krishi 360 was also employing bulls to work the oil mill.

Oh, the aroma of the cold pressed Nallennai (sesame oil) brought back so many memories for Amma and I. When my mother got married in 1968, my maternal grandfather would send tins of Nallennai from Tirunelveli to Dehu Road because his daughter would not eat any other oil… Then my father took over and started buying tins of Nallennai. Ofcourse the plastic pouches took over their lives too because the tins disappeared. Am so glad that I managed to fulfil my father’s promise to my grandfather that my mother would never be without Nallennai. πŸ˜‚

The Rise of the Bull

As I was chatting with Dhanasekaran (the founder of Krishi360) about my next order, I asked him if he can share some pictures of the bulls working the oil mill. That’s when the whole story unravelled….

Majestic bulls
Bulls working the oil mill
Bull driven

I commented that the bulls looked so good and regal. Dhana then sent me “before” and “after” pictures and it was heart rending to know the backstory. These bulls are bought at the “slaughter” auction. I heard the word slaughter and was deeply disturbed.

Bull slaughter

In a country where the cow is sacred, and several states supposedly have a cow slaughter ban… we export beef and there are slaughter auctions for cattle. Then we ban Jallikattu which helped us keep the indigenous breeds healthy and procreating naturally. We have truly lost our way and need to turn the clock back a little.

Get your tin of Bull Driven cold pressed oil from Krishi360. Contact Dhana on 99727 99500. Save a life and save your health too by using pure cold pressed oils. These are truly healthy.

After Note

PETA is sleeping while cows and bull calves are being slaughtered in the most cruel way possible. That wonderful piece of beef in your mouth was a baby’s life cut short. Do enjoy that mouthful. 😑. Am sorry, I can’t say it more nicely than that. If you are offended, am distressed.

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