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For the longest time, I kept saying I won’t buy a dishwasher because in India you have house help who will wash dishes everyday for a small amount paid monthly. The debate continued as Jyoti Verma remodelled our kitchen and the whole house ….. I kept going back and forth on whether she should create the provision for a dishwasher or not. Finally I relented and said we will get one.

What a sensible decision !!! For once I listened to Jyoti, Krishnan, Nisha and several friends who insisted that I get a dishwasher. 😁 Those who know me well, also know well that I don’t listen to any advise, so this was a welcome change.

Amma was also not very keen on getting one as she loves to wash the vessels but the minute she realised that steel utensils come out all shiny and new, she has also relented. The dishwasher is such a relief ! I am no longer dependent on the house help showing up everyday and most importantly I don’t have to argue with Mom during winters to stop her from washing the vessels.

It works brilliantly for crockery and steel vessels. I got a Bosch 13 place dishwasher…. and like my fellow Indians I load 26 pieces or more :).

If it’s a 13 place dishwasher …. trust an Indian to load it with 26 pieces or more :):):)

I often choose the Eco mode so that less electricity is consumed. The vessels do come out almost dry but there is water in the handles or rims that are curved.

If any one is debating about getting a dishwasher in India, please do get it. You save time, the steel vessels and crockery come out sparkling. Also your dependence on a maid or some house help is totally reduced. Go for it !

Note, We have successfully converted a few fence sitters and they are all happy that they bought a dishwasher :).

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  1. It all depends on how much cooking you do and for how many people. I went through the dishwasher phase in my childhood and later, when I liked cooking for self and others. But over the years, I’ve had so many techno-problems with power outages, flooding, waterwell breakage, repair, breakage again, and now, salt water intrusion, that I’m averse to any unnecessary gadgetry. I can’t even keep a refrigerator operational for more than a few years, and anything that requires freezing has no chance when the power goes out for a week, as it did after one of the hurricanes a few years ago.

    Enjoy your dishwasher while you can.

      • Good for you. I’m single, with almost no neighbors, friends, or family close enough to share. I don’t entertain anymore, because it’s too much trouble for everyone to arrange schedules, and for me to clean before and after.

        For many years, I enjoyed cooking, but now it hurts to stand for long periods in the kitchen washing and chopping vegetables, and finding containers or packaging to store leftovers or cut-up veggies.

        Lifestyle is an important consideration, as is phase of life. I’m a loner by nature and probably always have been. Ideally, meals are social occasions, but it’s no fun for me if preparation and clean-up are my sole responsibility.

        Now, I eat enough to survive well enough, and largely of nutritious food. Like you, I avoid excessive packaging, processed food, and junk. I would like Indian cuisine, but don’t know how to find the ingredients, prepare, and cook them, and I’m too tired to learn. Finally, our only local Indian restaurant has closed, I believe.

        Poor me. Boo hoo. I wish we could teleport food over the internet.

      • Hahaha teleporting food would be real fun whenever it happens !! True, we are different in different phases of life. We still like to host friends and family and even though am not fond of cooking, am a competent cook.

        And restaurant food is ok for a day or two … am uncomfortable eating food that’s not prepared in front of me. And packaged or processed food is a big no no.

        Sometimes it gets to me and we just order in 😊.

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