Privilege and responsibility

Krishnan woke up in the middle of the night almost, at 3 am today with severe pain in his heel. He almost felt giddy as he tried to use the bathroom. I woke up as well to get him a pain killer. I was scared … Krishnan’s threshold for pain is so high that I normally worry if he says there is pain.

I picked up the iPad and checked the reasons for heel pain and realised it happens mostly due to inflammation, sometimes due to a spur and cold fomentation helps.

At 3 am, 20 years back, I might have had to call a doc if I was panicking !! Here I was, looking up the net and was comforted by the fact that it’s just an inflammation that goes away with treatment. And the doc in the morning said exactly the same thing. Am not trying to substitute the net for a doc, but just the comfort of knowing that I can find information, or reach out to so many people is invaluable.

We are truly the privileged generation and all generations from now on … We can see our friends wherever they are in the world, we can watch as history is made as in Egypt, we can reach out to communities, we can watch babies being born, marriages happening, sporting greats scripting epic wins at the Olympics, tracking the train or flight carrying your loved one and so on. The privilege comes with responsibility – just watching the program on Sri Lankan killing fields and doing nothing is not an option… Watching a corrupt government and corrupt politicians and letting them get away is not an option… Watching an innocent girl committing suicide because a high ranking police official could get away with molesting her and not doing anything about it is not an option…. Are we willing to take responsibility ? I honestly don’t know the answer to that question. Still mulling over it…

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