Pragg Makes Us Brag !!

16 year old Pragg from Tamil Nadu, made history by beating world number 1, Magnus Carlsen at the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour’s Airthings Masters tournament and gave all of us something to brag about !!

Chess, a game invented in India but is owned by Russia and other countries now just like many other things. Till Vishwanathan Anand happened, Chess was just something we all played because it was a board game and could be played indoors when it rained outside. It was also a tiny package to carry along for picnics.

No one thought that a Chess player could actually make a living :(. So AMD made its famous commercial with Vishwanathan Anand. Posting it here just to see it again –

Anand, the legend just had to break the ceiling and there were several Grand Masters in Chess after him. Today there are nearly 70 Grand Masters from India up from 20 or so in 2007. Just speaks volumes about Vishy’s impact.

16 year old Pragg

Pragg whose full name is a mouthful Rameshbabu Praggnanandha created history on Feb 21, 2022 by becoming only the 3rd Indian to beat World No.1 Magnus Carlsen.

Pragg - Chess
Pragg - Chess
Pragg - from Twitter
Pragg - Chess
Million dollar smile !!

Read all about it on this link – 16-year-old Pragg stuns Magnus Carlsen with ‘historic’ win. Do watch his interview with a Norwegian news channel that’s embedded in the article. How comfortable is he as though he has been giving these interviews every day of his life !! May that be the case ofcourse.

Thank You Pragg for giving us all something to brag about 👏. பட்டைய கிளப்பிட்டான் பையன் 😁🇮🇳

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