Picnic to start and end the week !

The first picnic happened in a car that was stranded in traffic – I was supposed to go to Noida and I did what Krishnan keeps saying I should not, which is to pack too many things into the same hour 🙂 I didn’t pack many things, just one – I wanted to hand over Aal’s gift so asked Nisha to join me on the way and then I wanted some food since I was hungry and then I thought it would be a breeze to reach Noida, welcome the new team and return to the training venue in Gurgaon … After all I had three hours right ? Wrong – because the Chinese premier was in town and slowed the traffic to less than a snail’s pace ! In the one and a half hours that I planned to reach Noida I managed to reach some 7 kms. But then the picnic was so much fun. Nisha, thanks for the yearly oil dose and the non-sticky dosas. Thanks also for the coffee… A little less sugar …. ok I will behave, and not complain. Thanks my friend, you are a sweetheart. I loved the picnic. And please tell Vedavalli that I did offer you the Ragi dosas and didn’t eat them all by myself.

Btw Did you really handover my gift to Aal ? I want to know from Kishore.

I had a second picnic today sans food with Javed. There is something about the KVHV gang that I agreed to stand outside on the hottest day in Delhi and wait for one of the gang to arrive. And equally for Javed to drive through the crazy rush hour traffic to meet for 30 minutes. But then he had to do it for all the tiffin boxes that he polished off 33 years back 🙂 Javed you still owe me the cold coffee but just meeting you was priceless…. And that golden smile of yours, unchanged in all these years, like your golden heart. Adeeti, any comments ? :):):)

Sandwiched between the two picnics, work was a breeze and I don’t know where the week went …

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