Osho – Everything exists in “Relation”

In the discourse that I was listening to yesterday, Osho also spoke of a powerful meditation that Buddha used. Here is an excerpt of that.

Reference Website – And The Flowers Showered.

Foolish or Wise ? Neither!


This is one of the deepest meditations Buddha discovered. He says everything exists in relation, it is a relativity; it is not an absolute, substantial thing.

For example: you are poor, I am rich. Is it a substantial thing or just a relationship? I may be poor in relation to somebody else, and you may be rich in relation to somebody else.

Even a beggar can be rich in relation to another beggar; there are rich beggars and poor beggars. A rich man in comparison to a richer man is a poor man. You are poor — is your poverty existential or just a relationship? It is a relative phenomenon. If there is nobody to be related to, which will you be, a poor man or a rich man?

Think… suddenly the whole of humanity disappears and you are left alone on the earth:

Which will you be, poor or rich? You will be simply YOU, not rich, not poor — because how to compare? There is no Rockefeller to compare with, there is no beggar to compare with. Will you be beautiful or ugly when you are alone? You will be neither, you will be simply you. With nothing to compare with, how can you be ugly or beautiful? So with beauty and ugliness, richness and poverty and with all things. Will you be wise or a fool?

Foolish or wise? Neither!

So Buddha says all these things exist in relationship. They are not existential, they are just concepts. And we are so bothered about these things which are NOT. You are too bothered if you are ugly. You are too bothered if you are beautiful. The worry is created by something which is not.

A relative thing is NOT. It is just a relationship, as if you have drawn a design in the sky, a flower of air. Even a bubble in water is more substantial than relativities. Who are you if you are alone? Nobody. Somebodiness comes in relationship with somebody.

That means, just to be nobody is to be in nature; just to be nobody is to be in existence.

And you are alone, remember. The society exists only outside you. Deep within you are alone. Close your eyes and see whether you are beautiful or ugly; both the concepts disappear, inside there is no beauty, no ugliness.

Close your eyes and contemplate who you are. Respected, not respected? Moral, immoral? Young, old? Black, white? A master or a slave? Who are you? Close your eyes and in your aloneness every concept drops….”

This is indeed a powerful meditation. Close your eyes and the outside world disappears ! When there is no one to compare yourself with, then all concepts of beauty/ugliness, rich/poor, moral/immoral etc drop off. But so many of us are scared to be alone, with ourselves !

Is it that we are afraid to face the reality of who we are ? A nobody ?

We spend time and effort in proving our superiority. Trying to get “richer”, we take on stress. We go on crazy diets to look beautiful. The list of idiotic actions is endless. All that we need to do is close our eyes and look at ourselves alone, without comparison. Right here, right now, behind our eyelids is nirvana :):).

Thank you, Master Osho.

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  1. Right here, right now, behind our eyelids is nirvana :):). Wow, such a simple and powerful thought to experience the ultimate! Beautifully worded!


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