Operation Ganga & Multi-Aligned India

As Operation Ganga is successfully concluded and most Indians have been evacuated from war torn Ukraine, many of us are breathing easy. Ofcourse the war must end too and without too many lives lost !!

Operation Ganga

The Indian government has once again proven that its adept in handling international relations even during a war…. Yes our long time friend Russia is being seen as an aggressor by most of the world. Countries are also busy aligning themselves with the big bully, US. NATO is flexing its non-existent muscle.

Amidst all this … Modiji steers India as a multi-aligned nation. When he was asked about the Non-aligned movement in 2014, he commented saying we live in a multi-aligned world. Well, that’s why he is a visionary.

Some of the following meme’s and cartoons clearly show the rising soft power of India –

Operation Ganga - Modi
Operation Ganga - Modi
The best one !! Pakistanis and Turkish students had to call themselves Indian just to escape !

My only question is, what will these Pakistani and Turkish students do once they get back to their respective Islamic nations ? Turn around and spit on India or become ambassadors and repair relationships ? Am not very optimistic on this score, but happy to be proven wrong.

Operation Ganga - Superman Modi
Yayyyyy !!

Is Putin really the villain ?

The Ukraine Russia war has clearly divided the world sharply with everyone trying to paint Mr. Putin as the villain. But is he the villain ?

India and Russia have been BFF (Best Friends Forever) and the so called villain Mr. Putin was willing to stop the war for a few hours to allow safe passage to Indians. Not so bad, after all ?

Operation Ganga - Modi
Operation Ganga ….

Before you declare Mr. Putin as the next Hitler, do take a look at all the “unjust” wars and skirmishes and “civilising” interventions the US has undertaken –

US Interventions - Operation Ganga

A very impressive list indeed !! Am sure there is something similar for the erstwhile USSR and the Sun-never-sets empire of UK. How come these are humanitarian missions with the sole purpose of bringing these countries to democracy while Russia defending itself is untenable ?

Btw the following twitter post sums up the US strategy everywhere –

Taliban US Russia

Now listen to Mr. Putin ..

Decide for yourself, don’t be swayed by the paid media’s utterings.

That said, Sanu Kee (my fav Punjabi phrase) … we have Modiji. Jai Hind. Jai Hind Ki Sena.


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