One Nation One Ration Card Scheme

Sometimes when the whole anti-Modi, HMV (Hate Modi Voices) cabal start whining and wringing their hands about how terrible the Modi government is, I remember certain “fake” numbers. “2.93 crore fake ration cards”, “4.23 crore fake/inactive LPG connections” etc etc. The whole CONgress/Left eco system was fed through such “fake” ration cards, fake gas connections, fake accounts…. no wonder that ecosystem hates this man because their “many-pronged” sources of income have dried up.

The “fake” ration cards were held by ghosts, never born, never lived and hence never died but apparently ate food. Obviously the benefits were being enjoyed by human beings. :(:(

A few weeks back I came across this news item about the One Nation – One Ration card scheme.

I read up a little bit more about this scheme and here are some good features of the scheme excerpted from this news article – One Nation One Ration Card.

  • The Centre has designed a standard format for ration cards and has asked state governments to follow the pattern while issuing fresh ration cards.
  • The government wants to implement ‘one nation, one ration card’ scheme across the country effective 1st June 2020.
  • Under the one nation, one ration card’ initiative, eligible beneficiaries would be able to avail their entitled foodgrains under the National Food Security Act (NFSA) from any Fair Price Shop in the country using the same ration card.
  • A standard format for ration card has been prepared after taking into account the format used by different states and after consultation with other stakeholders.The state governments have been advised to use this new format whenever the states decides to issue new ration cards.
  • The standardised ration card includes the requisite minimum details of the ration card holder and states can add more details as per their requirement.
  • For national portability, the state governments have been asked to issue the ration card in bi-lingual format, wherein besides the local langauge, the other language could be Hindi or English.
  • The states have also been told to have a 10-digit standard ration card number, wherein first two digits will be state code and the next two digits will be running ration card numbers.
  • Besides this, a set of another two digits will be appended with ration card number to create unique member IDs for each member of the household in a ration card.

This is a very important scheme for the migrant worker who today is unable to collect his ration when he moves to another location seeking work.

Importantly nearly 85% of the ration cards have been seeded with Aadhar. Atleast the ghosts would now have to get their biometrics done in order to get food !! There are 12 states that have already joined this scheme and the hope and prayer is that the rest of the states also get on board by June 2020.

Do speak about this scheme to your house help, car washer and other service providers from the economically weaker sections. However terrible Mr. Modi is, this scheme benefits the poor. So help in taking it to them, momentarily forgetting your hatred for the PM.


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