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I got in touch with Mukul Surya through Twitter and Ms. Shefali Vaidya’s posts. She has done a lot for the handloom weavers across the country ! Especially during Covid as many of the small weavers could not sell their stocks and most of them have no other source of income. Shefali had posted a series of tweets about different weavers and that’s how I got in touch with Mukul of Navya’s Choice.

The first saree I bought from him was a Nabakothi – Birthday Saree #2 – A Stunning Nabakothi.

In the last week of March, Mukul had posted a series of Suta Luga pocket friendly cotton sarees and a set of Khandua Cotton sarees. I first looked at a Maroon colour saree for Amma as she wanted a break from green, but that saree turned out to be a blue one with just the Pallu in maroon. That’s when Mukul sent me a series of pics and I just fell in love with the Rath Yatra saree and the Konark Chakra saree.

As always what started out as “buy-a-saree-for-Amma” turned into “buy-this-beautiful-saree” for me :):). Saree addicts behave this way !

Khandua Cotton
The Rath Yatra Saree – Khandua Cotton

I planned on wearing this saree on July 1st as we planned to attend the Jagannath Rath Yatra this year. But plans change and since Keshav and Anu were planning to come over on July 1st we changed our plans to visit the Rath Yatra. Plans changed once again as Keshav fell ill and they shifted their trip to end of July.

What didn’t change was my wearing this saree on July 1. It is super soft cotton and a beautiful saree to drape. The plan was to get Anu to wear the Konark Chakra saree and me to wear this Rath Yatra saree on July 1. Since Anu couldn’t come over, I wore both the sarees 😜. I told you, saree addicts behave this way.

Khandua Cotton
The Konark Chakra Saree – Khandua Cotton

You can see the happiness on my face. I enjoy wearing sarees every day. This was a treat to wear two new sarees on a single day.

The Konark Chakra saree also has pasapalli motifs (chess board). Again a beautiful drape.

The Odisha handloom sarees are truly a wonderful addition to your collection. Odisha has a rich weaving tradition and buying the handwoven beauties ensures the tradition stays alive. Contact Mukul @79788 77466 to buy these beauties.

Both the neckpieces are from Desh Maheshwari, Noida.

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