November does it to CONteam ..

Just on a lark I checked on the blog I had written last November, and surprise, surprise – I have written “From Chaiwala to Paid spectators – RIP CONgress” and it features the two protagonists who have shamed us yet again. 

I don’t want to waste time on Mani Shankar Aiyar…. His sublime “sneer” offends my mundane “sensibilities”. His ardent devotion at the altar of a vacant mind is humbling, I can never reach those heights. Osho, my master always spoke of “no mind” for those with a mind and working grey cells. I wonder what he would have said for a vacant mind – and a vacant mind being feted. 

I can understand Salman Khurshid more – he is an average Indian, whose sources of income have dried up and the cover of an NGO also blown. It hurts when a lesser man takes your food in an unfair fight. You know, for all the HMVs out there, the harsh truth is the May 2014 elections was an in-equal fight. Mind Vs No Mind. And all the tamasha about intolerance notwithstanding, the PM has changed things around and has got the world talking about India for the right reasons ! Can he do more ? Faster ? Ofcourse and can he do a few things differently, yes. Heck, yes. Has he made blunders, yes again, but he has not one day made the blunder of selling out India. He hasn’t swindled money through scam after scam and no Swiss account has been opened. 

I don’t feel offended by Salman Khurshid and Mr. Sneer asking for help from Pakistan to oust Mr. Modi. One can only ask friends for help, not an enemy !! What’s wrong ? PM Nawaz Sharif may not be able to do much as his strings are held by some other hands just like our ex-PM’s were :). The acidity they are experiencing is also natural – all physical ailments are psychosomatic. Hateful thoughts lead to acidity, the burning sensation is what you want others to experience but Nature doesn’t allow transfer of experience, so it will burn your insides. 

Mr. Khurshid, while you ask for help in ousting Mr. Modi and reinstating good relations with Pakistan, also ask Mr. Sharif about shutting down the alleged terror schools there … You probably forgot that some of the students from those schools killed innocent Indians in Mumbai. I can’t ask Mr. Sneer to do this because he has been crushed by the big tree falling in Delhi. He is still in mourning. 

Mr. Khurshid you had eloquently spoken about someone’s mental bankruptcy, probably because you had first hand experience of it everyday with your colleagues and leader-elect, but I wonder why neither you nor Mr. Sneer speak of moral bankruptcy ? Maybe because you and your CON-eagues are morally bankrupt …. You guys actually don’t get it, do you ? Sad. This is what the “***-licking” posture does to you, when done for too long. 

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