Not to forget !

I don’t forget birthdays …. I have a calendar that captures all the birthdays and anniversaries and other important dates for my friends and it ensures I don’t miss anyone’s important day. I thought most people would be that way but realised over time that most people don’t remember, some don’t care, some genuinely forget and some just don’t like the idea of keeping aside a special day to celebrate.

All are right in their own ways, but what was fascinating today was realising how much my remembering important dates meant to people. Today happens to be Rohit Dutta’s birthday, he was my team member at Spectramind and is very dear to me. I couldn’t send him the message in the morning, so I finally wished him only at about 7pm. He promptly replied saying he was about to call me to find out if everything was ok because I never forget his birthday !! The same thing happened with Nachi and Kousalya’s anniversary – and Nachi called in the evening to confirm if we were ok because we hadn’t wished them.

I like to celebrate all special days, actually all days are special but some are extra special. So they need extra attention. But now am under pressure – people expect me to remember their special days and I can’t disappoint them :):)

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