No Climate Change Yet … Just a Climate Emergency 🥵

Everyday in June and July, when I take bath, I look up at the geyser switch to make sure that its not turned on. Thats how hot the water is ! Often Krishnan takes bath before me and I think the water will be warm or cooler by the time I go in for my bath but no, its just as hot :(. We don’t have climate change, we just have a climate emergency. 🤬

Climate emergency

There is no typo in the headlines above – it is 49.6 degrees Celsius in CANADA. Hallelujah, we are in deep trouble. I see the temperatures on the map above and feel even hotter. I jokingly told Amma that we need to buy a cave in the Himalayas and shift there during the summer months. Ideally Krishnan and I would like to be there permanently, but since we need the internet to interact with the world, we might have to make our stay temporary.

The other day I posted about the car breaking down on NH8 – Inconvenienced, When Convenient ! The temperature at 2 pm was 49 degrees Celsius. Its unbelievably hot and unbearably humid. I hate using the air conditioner frequently because it only adds to the problem of climate change, but its impossible to sleep without the air conditioner on.

Climate emergency

Just so people don’t think that only Canada is affected, New Zealand too is equally affected !!

The Heat Dome – 1 BILLION Marine Animals dead

Unfortunately human beings wreck the environment with our greed and the real sufferers are the rest of the living beings. Climate change has come about because human beings have recklessly used fossil fuels, dumped plastic and in general overdrawn Earth’s resources. We lost nearly a billion animals in the bush fires in Australia last year (2020) –World Environment Day 2020. This year its 1 BILLION marine animals dead in Vancouver, Canada.

Read the article – 1 Billion Sea Creatures ‘Cooked’ to Death Due to Heat Dome in Pacific Northwest.

Climate emergency

The Big Question – Do WE CARE?

We watched “Before the Flood”, a documentary made by Leonardo Di Caprio in 2016. Nature is desperately trying to get our attention – flash floods, cloud bursts, earthquakes, bushfires, heat waves, unseasonal rains, and the biggest of them all, the pandemic, are all SOS calls. Even if the Wuhan lab released the virus, its still Nature’s way of rebalancing herself. The population explosion is unmanageable. USA’s consumption of Earth’s resources continues to be disproportionate and now China joins in, with its massive population and a communist dictatorship.

India’s carbon footprint is negligible in comparison. In the documentary, Sunita Narain asked Leonardo Di Caprio if the US will change its consumption pattern and reduce its carbon footprint and the actor was extremely unsure.

The fact is, WE DON’T CARE. How many ever Toolkit-fame-Gretas come to the UN and cry their hearts out, nothing will change till the US and China drastically reduce their consumption. But again, THEY DON’T CARE either.

So all that we can do is to pray and hope that miraculously we find a way out of the HEAT DOME.

Can’t get over the thought that our behaviour led to 1 billion animals in Australia and 1 billion marine animals in Canada getting literally “cooked”. Shame on us. 😣

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