New “unwelcome” Learnings

We stopped watching television news a long time back. We just flip through the news channels in the morning and then again a couple of times during the day. This is just to stay abreast of the happenings. Of late though, I am truly scared of tuning into Times Now. Every newscaster speaks of “doobies”, marijuana, weed, CBD, bud etc etc etc as though they were onion, potatoes and tomatoes. Very new and very unwelcome learnings ! 🙁

Its painfully obvious that Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has some mystery to it. Was it really suicide or was he murdered ? That’s the important question. My heart goes out to his sisters and his father who are trying their best to get a conclusion. The pain is obvious on his father’s face.

Rumours and new angles about Rhea and her family’s role are flying around, thick and fast. The CBI is involved now. Its for them to figure out whether drugs were given to Sushant, with or without his consent. Maybe others are involved in this mystery. That too is for the CBI to figure out.

New Learnings, Times Now ?

This case has become an obsession for Times Now. It was great that they helped bring out the inadequate probe done by the Mumbai police and that they tracked down a few loose ends, but it now seems that they have no other news ! Maybe they want to be an “investigative” channel, but then get out of news business. Apply new learnings on yourself.

I wrote this blog when Sanjay Dutt went to jail – He went to IIM, Sanjay went to jail – So ?. My whole argument was that when young impressionable minds see a Sanjay Dutt getting out of his swanky car and all the film stars standing around hugging him as he goes to jail, they would prefer to make him their role model. The man went to jail for keeping a dangerous weapon in his house. He was no kid. He was old enough to have a kid when he did this :(.

#SayNoToDrugs – forever true

The same argument holds true for Times Now. Children and young adults who already have some unwanted exposure to drugs will now learn more about them. Why not show the dangerous side effects of drug abuse ? I remember a video on Doordarshan in the 90’s that showed a drug rehab centre and how an addict suffers.

Here’s a recent awareness video –

Times Now and any other news channel that speak of drug abuse, must show a warning like movies show for smoking. That’s the least that should be done. Use the media for awareness as well besides just sharing news.

Is Times Now ready for new learnings ??


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