Missed flight – baggage for life :(

I packed my bags five weeks back. The ticket was booked six weeks back. I applied for leave a week back. And a small part of my memory was miscoded !! At 11.45 am today I logged in to print my flight ticket to Hyderabad, happy in the knowledge that I am all packed, laptop, cellphone all charged, and in time for the 3 pm Indigo flight. Then I saw that the flight was at 12.05 …. 20 minutes away and I was 20 kms away from the aircraft.

I called Indigo, and tried to book the 5 pm flight… With all the sweetness that only a CSA can muster, this young man said, he is putting me onto the IVR to punch in my credit card details. When that didn’t work, he said he is transferring me to a colleague of his and the long wait with bad music started. I disconnected, called back and got the “not fit to be in customer service” variety this time, he wanted me to phonetically spell my word while I was ready to choke him “phone”tically. Finally internet came to the rescue and I booked myself on the 5 pm flight. Much as I would have liked to repeat Term 2 and Managerial Economics, it wasn’t meant to be – ok, rephrasing… Much as I would have liked to not write the EFM test tomorrow, I will write it :(:( what an expensive test this is turning out to be. Co-Alums of Stern school, NYU have got us all wound up.

The worst thing about this gaffe is not the cost or the temporary stress of a missed flight, it is the opportunity that I have given to Krishnan to remind me endlessly to plan better, be in time and check flight/train timings :):):) a baggage that I will carry for life. Hmmm have to find something to negate this now.

Infact the last time this happened was 22 years back in March 1990 when I met Krishnan… And went in the evening for a train that had left in the morning ! How romantic that was, this too was – I got to spend more time with my sweetheart but know that it would be used to rag me endlessly.

To think I booked the 12.05 flight to save 1500 bucks and ended up spending many times over is a learning for life ! True sunk cost – right Shamika ?

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