Love and Competence in sports

I love tennis … Can I become the Indian Tennis association’s president ? I also love cycling and have done some 10000 Kms on a cycle … Can I please become the president of the Cycling federation of India ? I have played cricket during school and college and I love cricket…. Please include me in the BCCI and I will work hard and make my way to the chief’s role there. Actually I love the army… Please make me a General tomorrow !! (Well, we have a precedent for this one just before the 1962 war).

Are you laughing ? But why ? Today the Supreme Court told N. Srinivasan that he has to choose between BCCI and CSK. Mr. Sharad Pawar has commented that he is very happy with this decision and that he is sure BCCI and IPL will get cleaned up now. Did you laugh at that ?

When was the last time that Mr. Sharad Pawar play cricket ? Why is he associated with cricket’s administration ? Doesn’t he have enough commercial enterprises from where he makes enough money and ofcourse his yeoman service to the nation as a politician ? Why stick to the cricket administration ?

Thiru. N. Srinivasan loves cricket, ok, so he bought the CSK team – I get that completely. Why stick to BCCI ?

Why doesnt Google make me the data security chief ? I love data security and I can speak for days on end about it… Please please, I will take a cut in my salary too. But no dice ! They won’t touch me with a barge pole because I have no competence for it. Love alone won’t do, competence alone counts.

By the same token… Rahul baba should be let off by the CONgress to live his life quietly :):):):). He neither loves politics nor has any competence !!. I think it’s this political legacy that makes people like Mr. Sharad Pawar and Mr. N. Srinivasan meddle in sports administration. There are a whole host of such luminaries – KPS Gill, Rajeev Shukla, Arun Jaitley, S M Krishna etc etc etc who have no business to be in sports administration but they are. Competence is critical. But we conveniently forget that.

Sad state of affairs… And all for what ? Money ? Power ? Fame ? I wonder really.

Do read my friend Rajesh’s brilliant blogs on this topic – IOA suspension and Justice Mudgal report.

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