Loud PDA.. No, no or yes ?

Since we are in the city of the famous “Ellora” bakery, we decided to go and get some of their famous “rusk” to eat with our tea. We first went to the oldest store of theirs, which has just the cakes, bread, rusk etc and there is no restaurant attached to it. Then we walked further down to “Ellora – melting moments” which has a mini restaurant attached. Krishnan decided to have a milkshake and mom, Krishnan and I sat down at one of the tables. 

The table next to us on one side had two girls and the one which faced Amma had a young man and a young woman. Now, these young people were all over each other and loud, the young man feeling up the young woman in public….. the other two girls and I were getting uncomfortable. Krishnan was sitting with his back to them, so he was happily unaware and I don’t know if Mom registered anything. I acted as though I didn’t register what was happening. 

Before any young reader dismisses me as a stuffed up old woman, just remember Krishnan and I are celebrating 25 years of being together and we met and fell in love in three days !! What I want to say is, Public Display of Affection which is loud is not romantic at all … I find it demeaning to the girl/woman and indecent. When you are in love, you sit together, you hold hands, you are whispering …. You DONT want anyone else to hear your “sweet nothings”. In the name of PDA, the romance is lost. I know many couples, from today’s generation as well, who are madly in love but their PDA is muted, full of romance and very endearing. 

I always think, in love, silence is very comfortable and doesn’t have to be filled with words and silence usually conveys a lot more. I think loud PDA isn’t somehow about love  .. Maybe am old fashioned, but I don’t think so. Right ? Wrong ? 

2 thoughts on “Loud PDA.. No, no or yes ?”

  1. Loud PDA isn’t about love is very true. I am a young reader of your blog and I do not think you to be old fashioned. A little PDA is harmless but if it grabs attention of surrounding people and makes them uncomfortable, it is very wrong indeed.


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